Ah Seattle. No expectations for this city and yet it is definitely up there in the list when asked ‘Where was your favourite place’? After a VERY near car accident that could have been disastrous, we arrived in the evening to rain and drizzle and headed to our hostel to get acquainted with yet another hostel bed. The Green Tortoise Hostel is located right next to Pike Place market, so we headed out to explore the famous (slightly gross) Gum Wall and surrounding area.

The next week produced some beautiful sunny winter weather with a touch of fog, and we were able to go up the Space Needle for views of the city at dusk (note: this is not the place to go for photographers to get city views, too hard to get a proper shot with the infinite amount of wires and glass). We also saw the permanent collection of Chihuly glass (if you’ve never seen his work – do yourself a favour! It’s a fantastic exhibition); visit the EMP for various film and music memorabilia; wander Pike Place market and ooh and ahh over the fresh fruits, veg, yoghurt, chocolates, juices and of course, the famous throwing of the fish. We visited Gaswork Park  on Christmas Day to watch the sun set over the city and see a stunning collection of clouds become wave-like structures in a way I’ve never seen before, which resulted in one of my favourite photos of the trip. Alki Beach was also a highlight for views of the city and if you want a good night out, head to Capitol Hill.

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