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Hi! First of all THANK YOU for visiting my page. I started this page back in 2012 in the attempt to publish a photo a day. Unfortunately life got busy and I only made it from January until September. That being said I never stopped taking photos. I worked hard to improve my skills and I now FINALLY own an official website where I can display all my favourite photos.

So who am I? That’s why you’re on this page isn’t it? This is an excerpt from my website, a little bit about me:

I grew up in Perth on the west coast of Australia, but now home is wherever my next adventure takes me. I am a self taught landscape photographer and my perfectionism constantly keeps me reflecting on previous work and striving for excellence. I have always loved being creative and capturing beautiful things on camera, and in a world so resplendent and full of natural beauty there are endless possibilities. This often means keeping unusual habits such as cloud watching during the day and setting the alarm for the wee hours to be up before sunrise. Nothing makes me happier than being out with my camera and having the sky light up.

Luckily, my other most favourite thing to do is travel which pairs well with photography like a delicious gorgonzola and a nice drop of Malbec. After being an avid Canon fan for years, in 2015 I felt the need to upgrade to full frame and I now shoot with the brilliant Sony A7ii. Travel destinations are now chosen around photographic opportunities (luckily my fiancé doesn’t mind) including previous breathtaking destinations like Broome, Namibia and the United Kingdom. On my website you can browse through the albums of some of my favourite places, with each photo taken by me and available to buy as an original download or a print, along with various other beautiful art forms.

The reason I kept this blog going is so I can write a little about the travels I’m doing along with a few of the photos from the trip, to give them a little context. Hope you enjoy it! Also, if you want to see what exciting things I’m up to on my website head over to my website!

Caitlin Elise x


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey

    Thank you for stopping by on my blog, and thank you for the nomination. Please forgive me now but I think this is my 3rd nomination to this award, and I still haven’t fulfilled the requirements for the previous awards as I am very restricted with my time.
    I like your blog, and I noticed you were in Krakow 🙂 I love that place 🙂 Thank you very much again for the nomination. I know that the world is a massive place but they say “small world” and maybe one day we will meet up somewhere and take some photos together 🙂

    Warm regards

  2. Hi Cait,

    I am a graphics major and currently working on a brochure of Florence, Italy for class. Your picture of the duomo at night time is awesome and would be perfect for the cover of my brochure! I was wondering if you would let me use that picture for my project?

    Look forward to hearing from you,

  3. Hey Cait,

    Like Katie I found a photo of yours from searching online for a great sunset photo of Florence. Would you mind if we used this for our website trying to give students a better experience in Florence?


  4. Hi Cait,

    Your pictures are awesome. Keep on the wonderful job:)
    I found a photo of yours which is the paw of the kangaroo,
    I was looking for a very good quality and t happened that you are the one who
    got the best one.
    Would you mind if i use it for one of my project?


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